Just Right’s…  “Fabulous” Mango Salsa Recipe

Just Right’s… “Fabulous” Mango Salsa Recipe

This super easy Mango Salsa recipe is great as a dip or accompaniment with Tortilla Chips or Soft Tortilla’s as a snack OR use as topping/garnish for any Grilled Fish or Pork. (makes enough for roughly 4 portions) Ingredients ... 2 Ripe Mangos - Peeled, stoned & finely diced *(over ripe mangoes make it a little more runny) ½ Medium Red Onion - Finely diced ½ cup Chopped Fresh Cilantro (chopped as you like it rough or fine) 1 Jalepeno Pepper - Remove seeds carefully and dice very finely Juice of 1 fresh Lime Seasoning (salt & pepper) Method ... Simply peel, chop and assemble all ingredients in a bowl, squeeze the juice from a fresh lime over the top of the mixture, season to taste with S & P and toss together . Serve immediately for a fresh tasting tangy addition to most grilled fish or meats

  • Green onion can be used instead of the red onion
  • Add some fresh chopped Tomatoes or Bell peppers for a variation
Enjoy 🙂