Catering Menus

Vancouver Catering Menus

We believe in using only the best quality fresh foods, our innovative Chef has a passion for fresh herbs, all our sauces are made from scratch using traditional methods, we do not use any processed convenience foods, all our products are msg & trans fat free, our kitchen does not have a deep fat fryer, or microwave oven!

The menus you will see here are some of our most popular, although they are just suggestions to guide you, if you would like a quotation on a particular menu, or menu item, please contact us for a hassle free consultation, we are confident we can find a menu and level of service to suit your personal taste and budget.

Pricing is dependent on a number of factors including the level of service you require, the number of guests you are expecting, the duration of your event, as well as the location.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call at (604) 688-4482 or send us and email at