Best BBQ Catering Vancouver, BC

BBQ is listed as one of the fastest growing sectors of catering in Canada today and our weather here in spring and summer certainly promotes outdoor activities and gatherings of all types to be enjoyed "al fresco".
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Barbecuing is often thought of as a casual affair with families grilling outdoors in parks and their back yards but what if you have a large group or need to arrange a large scale company picnic, large family gathering, or have too many guests to do it yourself on a larger scale... No fear, "Just Right" is here to help. Many clients are turning to professional caterers to produce a more upscale and hassle free experience for their larger events, Buffet style tables set up with a variety of summer salads and entrees and appetizer items produced ‘sizzling" hot from the grill are becoming more and more trendy and offer a unique way to enjoy great, fresh food in a casual outdoor atmosphere. catered event by Just Right Corporate companies are also becoming more aware of both their clients and their staff's desire to experience more of Vancouver outdoors with barbecued items often fresher to the plate than is available in some local restaurants. Many corporate clients are exploring upscale barbeque style events where they can mingle a little more casually with their clients, form better relationships and still enjoy high end delicious food. With many mouth watering shows on cooking TV channels "The Barbeque" has become much more than a few hot dogs on iffy buns with the dreaded ketchup! A stand up reception style event on a warm summer evening is an excellent way to enjoy the joys of the outdoors, what could be better than mingling with friends, a glass of wine in hand with bite sized skewers passed around by attentive professional servers.

Catered Barbecue Weddings in Vancouver...

Wedding trends come and go but continue to include the family back yard scenario with proud parents keen to give their daughters and sons a warm family feel to their fleeing of the nest. The tradition of a wedding celebration at their parent's home or a venue with an attractive garden setting is still very popular among brides and what better way to do that than with a barbecue style event. A delicious Catered Barbeque Barbeques are an ideal way to bring people together to celebrate, pre nuptials dinners for parents where you often meet all the family for the first time can be nervous affairs, a friendly casual BBQ with stunning grilled BC Salmon can often break the ice with those from out of town and lead to lasting friendships.

Types of Barbeque events we cater in Vancouver...

  • Corporate Staff Appreciation
  • Tenant Appreciation Barbeque Events
  • Family Gatherings
  • Wedding Reception Barbecues
  • Summer Corporate Cocktail Events
  • School Graduation and Ceremonial Events
  • Corporate Client Appreciation Events
  • Open Houses and Launch Events
  • Celebrations of Life
  • Custom Casual to Gourmet Menus of all kinds
Here at "Just Right" we believe we should be flexible enough to work with you to make your event work whether you require a simple delivery of salads from us to boost your barbeque buffet and save you time and energy for your occasion in the back yard, or require a full scale serviced party with attentive serving staff and a Chef to take care of all the grilling. We can provide raw items for you to cook yourselves, a simple delivery of main entree items for your pot luck barbecued here at our premises and ready to serve, just salads to enhance your own menu items, or simply deliver everything ready to eat ! "Just Right" has a wide range of ideas whatever your event is... Additional Services Available...
  • China Plate Rentals
  • Glass Ware Rentals
  • Stainless Steel Cutlery Rentals
  • Linen Rentals
  • Ice, Ice Bins and Bar Equipment
  • Bar Tenders with "Serving it Right"
  • Serving Staff
  • Grill Chefs
  • Table and Chair Rentals
We have lots of options available to create the perfect meal for you, if you don't see what you are looking for below, please contact us to work out a fully customized menu to suit your taste and budget. Seasonal Salads and Veggie Platters

Some of Our Sample Menus for Barbecue Catering Vancouver

The menu examples here are a few of our most popular suggestions and ideas, the price will depend on the location, length of the event and the service level required, quotations and consultations are free so contact us for a comprehensive quote and discussion. Prices range from a simple family friendly "Smokie Dog" menu with "Earth Friendly" disposable service ware to a full service menus with china, linens and staffing displayed on buffet tables for your guests. We can set up in virtually any location and have the personnel, tools, know how and equipment to provide service in a variety of challenging locations. Included in our regular Barbecue menus is all of the following to make for a hassle free day enjoying freshly grilled foods with your guests…
  • Your choice of Barbecue
  • Buffet and Condiment Table Rental
  • Buffet Table Linens and Display, Service Equipment
  • Rental of 6ft Propane Barbecue (including delivery, propane etc)
  • Rental of Stainless Steel Chaffing Dishes (food warmers)
  • "Earth Friendly" Biodegradable Plateware, Cutlery and Napkins
  • Garbage and Recycling Bins
  • Service Staff
  • Delivery, Set Up, Breakdown and Pick Up
Deliciously catered outdoor event! "Hog Dogs and Burgers" New Potato Salad w/ Pickle and Dill Apple and Sundried Cranberry Coleslaw (tossed with honey mustard dressing) Jumbo Hot Dogs and "Sterling Sliver" Hamburgers Baked Burger Buns and Hot Dog Buns Barbecue "Fixins" onion, lettuce, tomato, cheese, relish, mayo, ketchup and mustard Assorted Dessert Squares "Chicken Burgers and Smokies" Potato Salad & Pickle and Dill Apple and Sundried Cranberry Coleslaw, honey mustard dressing "Pesto" Chicken Breast Burgers with basil and garlic Bavarian "Smokie" or Jalapeño Cheese stuffed "Smokie" Freshly Baked Burger and Sausage Buns Barbecue Condiments Sliced Seasonal Fruits and Berries "Chicken and Ribs" Roasted Potato Salad - Fresh Herbs South Western Bean Salad with Lime and Cilantro Panini Bread Rolls and Butter Barbecued Bone in Chicken with Chef's barbecue sauce "South Western" Baby Back Ribs, Honey Chipotle glaze Corn on the Cob Big Wedges of Watermelon Fruit Platters by JRC "Mediterranean Kebabs" Crispy Greek Salad with Feta Cheese and Olives Chicken and Beef "Souvlaki" Kebabs, marinated with garlic, lemon and herbs Pitta Breads with Tzatziki and Homous Dips Fruit and Berries "NY Steak and Sockeye Salmon" West Coast Caesar Salad with House Croutons Italian Style Potato Salad with Olives, Capers andRoasted Peppers Beets with Apple Cider Vinaigrette Baked Panini Rolls and Butter Char-Grilled "California cut" 6oz N.Y. Steaks Wild, Sockeye Salmon Fillet with Maple Syrup Glaze Summer Fruit Flan Cream Cheese Icing Carrot Cake "Sirloin Steak and Tiger Prawns" California Salad with Artichoke and Red Peppers, Raspberry Dressing Honey Dijon Potato Salad Chic Pea with Sweet Pepper, Tomato, Olive and Lemon Baked Panini Rolls and Butter Cooked on the Grill "Base Ball" cut 6oz Top Sirloin Steak Barbecued "Cajun" Tiger Prawn Skewers Assorted French Pastries Fruits and Berries Price will depend on the location, length of the event and the service level required, quotations and consultations are free so contact us for a comprehensive quote and discussion to make your BBQ a special one. We can set up in virtually any location and have the personnel, tools, know how and equipment to provide service in a variety of challenging locations. Charcoal Grill caterers in Vancouver

Vancouver BBQ Catering Suggestions...

Some ideas and suggestions for you to build your own Barbeque are listed below, quotations and consultations are free, please be sure to let us know the location of the event, the number of guests expected and the rough times you would require our services for us to give you as accurate quote as possible. Salads and options Options California Leaf Salad Basket with Artichoke, peppers, Seasonal Fruit, Raspberry Dressing Papaya and Spinach Leaf with Tomato, Red Onion, Papaya, Honey/Dijon West Coast Classic Caesar Salad, Foccacia Croutons with creamy Caesar Classic Crispy Greek Salad with Feta Cheese, Lemon and Olive Oil Penne Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Fresh Basil Chilled Roasted Potato and Fresh Dill with Yoghurt Dressing Quinoa Grain Salad with Serrano peppers, carrot, celery, onion in a lime/chili dressing Tuscany Three Bean Medley with Roasted garlic Dressing Grilled meat Suggestions fresh from the Barbeque "Mediterranean" Style Chicken with Rosemary, lemon and garlic Bone-in Pork Chops with Apple/Sage Relish Barbequed Teriyaki Beef Skewers Chicken Souvlaki Skewers Char Grilled Seafood Kebabs Grilled Chicken with Chef's rich BBQ Sauce BC Salmon Fillet with Maple Syrup/Soy Glaze Lamb Skewers w/ Thyme and Garlic Rub Grilled "Pesto" Chicken Breast with Basil/garlic Grilled "South Western" Baby Back Ribs, Honey Chipotle glaze Fresh Corn on the Cob Grilled Vegetable Medley Vegetarian Herbed Skewers w/ Tzatziki Dip Salmon and Veggies Breads and Accompaniments Fresh Panini Rolls and Butter Pitta Breads with Tzatziki and Homous Dips East Indian Style Naan Breads Dessert Suggestions Sliced Seasonal Fruits and Berries Assorted Dessert Squares Big Wedges of Watermelon Summer Fruit Flan Cream Cheese Icing Carrot Cake Apple Strudel Drinks We will be happy to supply ice chilled drinks for your occasion options include Pop's and Soda's, Ginger Ale, Bottled Water, and our own thirst busting house made Lemonade or Iced Tea. Rental of all glass ware or paper cups, Ice and Ice bins available If you are thinking of having your celebration "Al Fresco". Below is an idea for a wedding reception bbq menu with entree's cooked on site on our six foot barbecue at your location. Wedding BBQ Catering Vancouver Menu Suggestion...

Barbeque Buffet

Freshly Tossed Wild Leaves and Chards, Herbed Croutons and Raspberry dressing Penne Pasta with Fresh Basil and Sun-Dried Tomatoes Quinoa with Serrano peppers, carrot, celery, onion in a lime/chili dressing Chilled Roasted Potato and Fresh Dill with Yoghurt Dressing Baskets of Pitta Breads with Tzatziki and Homous Dips BBQ Entrée's Freshly Grilled Fillet of BC "Spring" Salmon, with paprika and caper butter Barbecued Chicken Skewers w/ Rosemary and Lemon Rice pilaf with Roasted Garlic Freshly Grilled Asparagus and Summer Vegetables Sliced Seasonal Fruits and Berries The Barbecue menu suggested is fully customizable to suit your tastes and budget, most of the dishes from the suggestions on this page can be added to or substituted to build a menu to your liking to be enjoyed on your special day. The Barbecue does not have to be a simple casual affair more and more corporate clients are seeing the benefits of having their guests truly enjoy Vancouver outdoors with an appealing appetizer or cocktail style barbecue menu with an appetizer platter station and a series of appetizers passed around by our attentive staff fresh from the grill, we can take your outdoor corporate entertaining a little more upscale with an attractive table set up, fine china and linens.

Appetizer Reception BBQ Menu Suggestion...

Mediterranean Dip Platters with Homous, Tzatziki and Olive Tapanade dips, flatbreads Fresh Grilled Summer Vegetables, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar Cous Cous salad with Fresh Mint in lemon/Garlic dressing Warmed French Brie Wheel, Baked in Puff Pastry with Maple Syrup Glaze Baskets of sfilatino Breads Delicious Grilled Appetizer Options Served to your guests Fresh from the Barbecue... Grilled, Lamb Popsicles "Mediterranean" Chicken skewers with fresh Rosemary Peppered BBQ Beef skewers Vegetarian Pepper and Grilled Pineapple Skewers Jamaican "Jerk" Chicken Skewers Seafood Skewers with Prawns and Squid Pork "Satay" Skewers with Spicy Thai Peanut dip Lamb skewers with fresh Thyme Skewered Jumbo Prawns, Garlic Butter "Tandoori" Chicken Skewers with Yoghurt Dip Banquet Please contact "Just Right" to discuss your next barbecue event whether that's Corporate entertaining, a family gathering or anniversary, staff /tenant appreciation or an outdoor wedding reception we are confident we can find the menu and service level to suit your taste and budget . Some of the areas we serve...
  • Metro Vancouver
  • Burnaby
  • North Shore
  • West Vancouver
  • Richmond
  • Coquitlam
  • Maple Ridge/Langley
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